Cristo Gavras

Sound artist, producer, engineer and independent researcher; he studied philosophy at the UMCE, has devoted himself to teaching and research (GIEP) on governmentality and power, in addition to the analysis of technological control in the field of electronic music and its enunciations, especially in the forms of politicization of the party or club music. He has performed at various music and media arts festivals such as Sonar (Barcelona), MUTEK (Mexico), Warm up, Moma Ps1 (NYC), etc. Currently, he has been developing different projects in visual arts and performance,about music and sound design; one of them is "Peso Muerto" by Carolina Cifras, premiered at Dañsfabrik festival, Brest, France (2019) and developed at NAVE Chile. Buscando a Meg, and Cartas de Navegación, also in collaboration with Centro NAVE, and web art installations such as: Anthropocene surveillance by Paz Peña and Danae Tapia. He also works professionally as a mastering and mixing engineer at Modos Estudio and freelancer for various labels and artists in Europe, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

selected clients

--Ensamble & Terminal
--Creaked Records
--Couvre x Chef
--Buena Primo
--Voltage Control
--Tama Gucci
--Saint Panther
--Dj Babatr

selected projects

Modos Estudio

--associated engineer and creator

Peso Muerto [2019]

--Carolina Cifras, DansFbrik-NAVE

--music and sound performance

Buscando a Meg [2019]

--NAVE - Matucana100

--sound design

Cartas de Navegación [2021-2022]

--NAVE - Matucana 100

--sound design

Cartas del Futuro [2022]

--composition and sound design

Anthropocene Surveillance

--sound design




--associated producer


--Baroque - Diamante, Chile
--World Series Vol.2 - Trax Couture, United Kingdom (Vinyl)
--Distancia - NAAFI, México.
--Body Horror II - Purple Tape Pedigree, USA. (Vinyl)
--Extravío - NAAFI, México
--HYPE - Fase, Chile.
--La Devoración ft Kali Mutsa - NAAFI, México
--Inflexiones (Single) - Country Music, Sweden
--Diagramas - Fase, Chile.
--Petro ft Braian & Lechuga Zafiro (Single) - Hiedrah, Argentina.
--Discretización LP - Modos Estudio, Chile
--Descifrar LP - NAAFI, México. (Vinyl)
--Sofoca Single, Modos Estudio, Chile
--Desiring Codes, Self-release; Mexico.
--Costa Brava Single, NAAFI, México.